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Model Based Safety Assessment

This community, curated by Antoine Rauzy (NTNU, Norway), aims at bringing together all types of documents and software related to Model Based Safety Assessment (MBSA). The objective is to create a repository where engineers, researchers, consultants,...

Curated by:

Informasi Hiburan, Dunia Pendidikan dan Kecantikan Terbaik di Jakarta

Informasi Hiburan, Dunia Pendidikan dan Kecantikan Terbaik di Jakarta - Pada zaman teknologi saat ini kita membutuhkan informasi secara akurat, tepat dan terbaik, apa lagi informasi tersebut bersangukatan dengan informasi hiburan, dunia pendidikan dan...

Curated by: informasihiburan

Scientific Topics Focus (STF)

Scientific Topics Focus (STF) is a collection of peer-reviewed reports whose curation is supported by the Maieutike Research Initiative. The collection is part of the Notes on Transdisciplinary Modelling for Environment. The aim of STF is to provide a...

Curated by: Maieutike Research Initiative

Pinjaman Jaminan BPKB Mobil

Curated by: autozz

Database of Medical Imaging and Radiology

To compile a dynamic Radiology & Medical Imaging Datasets of case images using various Radiological Imaging modalities like Xray,USG,Color Doppler,CT,MRI,PET,Spect,Hybrid Imaging,optical coherence,themrography etc pooled from different imaging centres...

Curated by: drhsdas

ACINO H2020 project

Curated by: eponsko

FP7 MyFISH, Maximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concerns (GA 289 257)

Myfish aims at developing new Maximum Sustainable Yield indicators that can ensure high levels of fishery yield while respecting ecological, economic and social sustainability thus contributing to achieve the Good Environmental Status (GES) foreseen...

Curated by: ivogrigorov

Biomechanics and Motor Control

Data from Biomechanics and Motor Control studies.

Curated by: demotu

An Intro to Varicose Veins

Curated by: scottyturnbill


Curated by: Sylvia Koukounidou

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