My mother-in-law saves my marriage and has a prize (Part II)

The relief achieved in visiting her mother-in-law allowed her to calm down a bit. Roberto decided that he would wait a few days to make the decision to separate from Elvira. A couple of days had passed since that visit, and now he returned to his home more calm.

To her surprise, Claudia received him with a loving kiss on the lips. That had not happened for a long time. They had dinner with the children and as usual he watched television. That was when he realized that his wife, after putting the children to bed, was bathing. Strange thing, he thought, he hardly ever did it at night except in those where he lent himself to love. He distracted himself a few more minutes watching his favorite show and went to his bedroom after passing through the children's bedroom to watch how they slept.

He received a soft feminine perfume as he entered the room. Claudia had not only bathed but also wore a black baby doll without a bra and with a tiny thong awaited him in bed. And now what is happening? he wondered before going to bathe himself.

No sooner had Claudia reached bed than she climbed on top of him and began to kiss him. A kiss on his lips and his tongue searching for hers. Roberto opened his lips and welcomed her. Something was going on and it seemed to be good news. She did not stop kissing him and now she did it on his chest, his stomach and finally reaching his cock, he took possession of her to take her to his mouth and start an intense blowjob for the duration, as for his warmth. Claudia's tongue licked his member from his base to the glans with successive strokes along his penis. His lips sucked sucking while the tongue caressed the glans with sensual licks. There was no doubt that a miracle had occurred and there was no question of missing the opportunity.


Roberto's body reacted to those caresses and he felt that he should take the initiative. He turned to his wife and arranged her so that they were making a perfect sixty-nine. Claudia continued playing with his cock in her mouth, while Roberto began to take care of his wife's vulva. He felt happy again perceiving smells and flavors known years ago and that were his again. He buried his head in Claudia's crotch and began to taste that delicacy with renewed passion. He started licking the crotches to quickly suck on the vaginal lips and lick the entire vulva from top to bottom repeatedly. What a pleasure to enjoy Claudia's pussy again! ... he said to himself, and continued to search with his tongue for all the corners of his wife's vagina.

The oral games were placid but they increased the wishes of Roberto who wanted to take his wife again. He turned on his back and asked her to mount him. Claudia hurriedly did not wait a second to get on. He took her by the buttocks to accommodate his cock in the door of the vaginal hole that was very wet from the spills and dropped it. The phallus easily entered to the bottom. A knowing look gave Claudia a ride that was once again enjoying her pussy and feeling full of her husband's cock. She felt happy and satisfied. Then she went back and forth in the penetration, slowly first and then fast and deep. Her husband in full enjoyment encouraged her

... So, so, so my love. I want it all inside. Do not stop what comes to me

... What a pleasure my life, to have you like this again. I feel like the download is coming too. Give me everything, I want all your milk Roberto.

... There it goes, ahhhh

Roberto unloaded his delivery and unleashed a new orgasm for Claudia who could not take it anymore when feeling full of semen.

They lay on the bed holding hands. Claudia was the one who broke the silence.

… Do you forgive me for what I made you suffer all this time?

... Sure my love, but I would like to know what was happening to you.

... After talking to my mother this morning I realized that I was wrong. She made me see that she was throwing our marriage overboard and was also missing out on enjoying sex life in her youth. I thought a lot because that had happened to me and I came to the conclusion that it all started when Ariel was born. There I tied my tubes, remember? I think that was what traumatized me because I felt that I could no longer get pregnant. I didn't take it as something that played in my favor until Mom made me see it. At that moment my mind made a turn and here I am now with you as before.

... We have to thank Elvira then, don't we?

… I think so.

They hugged and kissed each other again in an effort to make up for all the lost time. Roberto caressed her entire body, running it with his hands and kissing her. He felt the taste of those beautiful tits and her nipples in his mouth again. He kissed, licked and sucked for a long time. With his hands he squeezed her ass and felt the smoothness of the skin and the roundness that Claudia had always wore. That ass was what had attracted him when he met her and now he had it back in his hands. Doing so sparked a desire to repeat the dust but through Claudia's back door.

... give it to me? ... he asked

... Why not? ... Claudia replied

... Is the cream still on your nightstand, my love?

... Yes, my love, I can reach you .

He put a couple of fingers together and spread it on his wife's sphincter, while I try to insert them to relax the hole. When he felt that he was ready he placed the tip of his cock and made the penetration. He also did it very slowly so as not to harm Claudia and to enjoy it. He closed his eyes, clenched his jaw, and began to lash out with all his fury. In his ears he heard the voice of Claudia asking him for everything and everything he gave her until he couldn't take it anymore and he let himself be carried away by the craziest orgasm of his life.

Since that night things had got back on track. Elvira, her mother-in-law had helped her and she deserved thanks, for that, days later Roberto came to visit her to thank her.

He scheduled the visit at a time when his father-in-law was not there. Carrying a gift, he came to see her. Elvira received him very happy and affectionate although she did not know how to receive it, she hesitated between a formal kiss or another passionate one. He opted for the second alternative that pleased his son-in-law.

… Claudia called me yesterday to tell me that they had arranged. Is that so?

... Yes Elvira, the talk you had with her paid off. He made a complete turn and I think things are already in order.

… When we spoke, she told me very happily that the reconciliation had been very good and that they had concluded with a session of total sex.

… That's how it went. She was very loving and without limits.

... Some of it told me what made me happy and also made me a little jealous because you will surely forget about me. What a fool I am, right?

... Elvira, even though you think I'm a bad guy I must tell you that I don't want to lose you. I had a great time with you and I think you did too.

... I don't want to lose you either ... and she kissed him very deeply while hugging him with all her strength.

That last expression sounded like a proposal to repeat the passionate encounter of days ago, they exchanged knowing glances and without saying words returned to the conjugal bed.

Driven by unbridled passion, they stripped off their clothes and embraced the sexual game. Tongue kisses, caresses, fingering, intrusive fingers looking for known holes, while they rolled in bed.

First it was Elvira who seized Roberto's cock to give him a blowjob that seemed to have no end. She really was a true specialist at it, and her son-in-law enjoyed it to the fullest. It was a machine to suck, lick and kiss the entire member but when it was applied to lick the glans the glory was infinite. His vicious tongue repeated caresses over and over again that inflamed Roberto and led him to total delirium. But this time he didn't want to end up in his mouth. He wanted something more and was suggested to Elvira who was surprised ...

… From behind? That you want? You're asking me a lot, don't you think?

… As you said you were a little jealous of Claudia, it occurred to me that we could do the same thing that I did with her and that she liked it a lot.

… Did you fuck her in the ass?

… Yes, and as I said, he liked it very much, although it was not the first time.

... I am afraid because your cock is very thick and it will surely hurt because for me it is the first time.

... I guarantee that none of this will happen.

He stared at her and assuming that he nodded, turned her on his back and began to eat her pussy to the sphincter. With his tongue he pierced the place looking to stretch the muscle. He lubricated it well and helped himself with a couple of fingers. Elvira stopped doing because she felt an unknown joy. His asshole had never been sucked and he was liking it because he felt new and pleasant sensations.

When Roberto felt that the hole was ready he placed the tip of his cock and gently pushed. It was difficult for him to penetrate because the glans was really big for a virgin hole. Elvira expectantly sighed, although she did not know if it was pain, that she felt something, pleasure, that she also felt, and curiosity to know how the task would continue.

In one of the attacks the sphincter gave way and the big head entered the gut. Elvira gave a sigh and a soft scream. Overcoming the barrier, the son-in-law waited for the muscles to adjust to the intruder. The wait of a few minutes was worth it because that narrow and never-traveled conduit was going to give him a lot of pleasure.

So it turned out. Slowly in its movement the cock was moving until it reached the limit of its path. Roberto, alternating with his hands, played with the breasts and nipples of his mother-in-law and also with the clitoris, caresses that by little led Elvira to total delirium. Feeling winning, he began to put his cock in and out of his mother-in-law's ass, slowly first and very quickly later in a frenzy that both enjoyed.

… I really like Roberto and it doesn't hurt anymore. This is beautiful

... What a pleasure Elvira. I am also enjoying a lot.

... Are you going to end there?

… Of course, and I warn you that I am not missing much.

... I am also almost ready, I feel like coming.

They really didn't lack much. Roberto felt his stroke coming, tensed his muscles, and then he let himself go, flooding his mother-in-law's gut with a phenomenal discharge. Elvira, feeling her, released her tensions and gave herself to an orgasm that lasted longer than usual.

When his cock returned to normal, Roberto removed it from his mother-in-law's asshole with a sigh that marked his satisfaction at the dust they had thrown.

... As it was my first time out there I was scared, but it was a beautiful experience. I enjoyed like crazy feeling that meat bar penetrating me.

… I also. You were so tight that I felt the pressure on my dick and that excited me a lot.

... Will we ever repeat?

... Of course, as many as you want.

… Are you in a hurry today?

… Quite. But don't worry, I'll be back faster than you think. I'll call you on the phone first. OKAY?

… Of course. I'm already waiting for you.

… Thanks for helping Claudia and me.

... Actually I think the three of us came out winning, right?

… You are right Elvira.

They dressed quickly. Elvira dismissed him with a deep kiss of the tongue that made him hesitate to stay. He couldn't because he had an urgent business appointment. He left, but in his mind he was thinking about the twists and turns of life, from almost never fucking to having two women ready to make him happy. He looked at the sky and thanked

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My mother-in-law saves my marriage and has a prize (Part II)

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