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Akheil Joshi Another thing you could potentially work on, is the rng of what skills you get and perhaps alter it so we can block skills we don’t want at the start of each run like when we get our first skill and starting coins. That way it does make it somewhat better if you don’t wish to remove the skills entirely

Shan Lee A very decent game. Played it everyday. however, though I appreciate the quest and all there's not enough like gold earning opportunities. Like I find myself leveling up super duper fast, but falling behind on upgrades in the process. It would be nice to increase the opportunities on earning golds.

John Sanz I keep WANTING so badly to come back to this game and play. I thought the update would take some of the grindy nature of the game out, after not having played in over 2 months, but the RNG is so bad. I don’t need more sapphires. I need item and scroll drops. I don’t need more ways to gain xp, I need to not have to grind the same level over and over just to get a leg up. Convince me why I should even still have this app on my device. My job isn‘t to lose interest til I give in to your pay wall game design. My job is to play a good, well balanced, game and reward you for your endeavors by supporting that monetarily. You give me no incentive to do so.

Daniel Mozar Borges Guirelli That's good news, hopefully the skills will be stronger and balance the game better.

Also, I didn't see it there, but Bloodthirst needs to be a bit better I think, or at least become stronger if you get the skill Grace.

Lubomir Ivanov Nice! If it’s just number changes, I doubt Smart would become a choice because it still takes away 1 skill. If it can increase book charge rate than that would be useful or at least the money we earn.
I know this probably won’t be read, but still. Can we get some kind of ghost attack where our arrows go through objects and obstacles?

Đỗ Tâm You create a game to make money. I deposited money to play this game, and the game was not as I expected. I spin the reward circle after defeating the boss, in 9 rounds I have 6 HP recovers and 3 gaining experience. In the end, I lost because of my weak attack power, the boss didn't lose blood when I beat the boss. I am very inhibited. I think if you want to make money from this game, you should eliminate HP recovery in the bonus round. My guess is that you lost a lot of good customers, because they were inhibited when playing this game

Cường Nguyễn Quốc I would like to see the hero mode on up close danger event and flying bullet event so we double the difficulty and double the gold double the drop rate of gears. Increase the rarity of gear drop with chapter like chapter 13 wolud drop great gear or so.

Marc van der Kooy Lost endless progress!
I played endless, Got a call in the meanwhile and the game was not saved. Did cost me energy and tries but did not receive the gold and items. I was not counted to daily rewards either.
I had 40 energy and now 25 left.

Joshua Arnett Get rid of meteors stars and smart these useless skills make the game harder

Jan Pištora Hello, i love this game, i have only one problem, i have low item drop rate. I have so much srolls but no items. Im 68lvl chapter 14. But i dont have any legendary item. I farm event, i farm battle pass (not premium) but i still dont have legendary items. But i have 5k srolls of each kind. 3.5k blue crystals. 😂

Mark Boucher I'd like to see the ability to get more than just common items on drops. Of course the percentage for rarity could be added so its still difficult to get higher rarity items but even an uncommon item here and there would be helpful.

Karter Baskin I didn’t know where to post this but in the final 10 stages of chapter 13 it’s insanely hard to deal with the ground worms, I’ve noticed that in these stages they instantly shoot out projectiles and since they spawn on/next to your character it’s next to impossible to dodge them. I was wondering if you could change this to make this part of the chapter more tolerable

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