How to buy Hepcinat LP in India & USA

How to buy Hepcinat LP in India

It would seem that such an effective medicine should freely lie on the shelves of official pharmacies. But, unfortunately, it is not in these pharmacies and almost 3 million patients with hepatitis C in India are forced to purchase this drug through online pharmacies.

The reason for this situation is due to the ban on the export of licensed generics imposed by Gilead. According to the license agreement, Natco is not entitled to export these products to European countries.

And since there is no possibility of exporting to India, then there can be no official representatives of the manufacturer in the country. And if you read on any site that they officially represent a pharmaceutical company that produces licensed generics, then the owners of the site are just cunning, giving out wishful thinking.

Therefore, it will not work to buy Hepcinat LP in a pharmacy in India territory. But you don’t have to go to India either, since these drugs are sold in online pharmacies in India.

Indian generics are much cheaper than US originals. This is due to several reasons:

  • Indian manufacturers are not required to conduct numerous expensive preliminary studies, clinical trials;
  • Indian manufacturers do not spend money on advertising and promotion of new products, releasing what is already in demand;
  • in India, drugs are produced according to the production technology already developed and provided by the patent holder, which reduces production costs.
Should I buy Hepcinat LP in India?

Currently, a resident of India can buy Hepcinat LP using the following ways:

  • ordering it at an online pharmacy;
  • ordering in an Indian online store;
  • going to India and acquiring there in a regular pharmacy.

Each of the three paths has pros and cons. If you order in an Indian online store, then the buyer will have such difficulties:

  • language barrier (you will have to communicate in English);
  • prepayment in foreign currency;
  • waiting for the payment to arrive at the seller’s account;
  • waiting for delivery, which will take about a month.

A trip to India will not be without problems. In this case, the buyer is expected:

  • language barrier reduced to communication in English;
  • the search for the drug (on the shelves of pharmacies it usually does not happen and you have to import it on order);
  • independent customs clearance upon departure from the country.

At customs, they will require: in English, copies of the doctor’s opinion and prescription, as well as a receipt from the pharmacy for the purchase of the medicine. A special thermal container is still required for transportation, since it is necessary to store the medicine at a temperature of no higher than + 30º C.

In addition, a trip to India will not make the cost of the drug less. It’s easy to make sure. Each package indicates the cost of the medicine in rupees. The ratio of ruble and rupee is almost 1: 1. Look on the Internet for pictures of medicines, and you will immediately see that a drug can be bought cheaper in an India online pharmacy.

How to order Hepcinat LP

Harvoni Cost can be purchased through an India online pharmacy faster, easier and cheaper. Making an order can be very simple, for example, on our website. You call or place an order through an operator consultant.

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How to buy Hepcinat LP in India & USA

Hepcinat LP is a drug licensed by Harvoni Generic. It consists of ledipasvir 90 mg and sofosbuvir 400 mg, which is completely identical to the American original.

The main difference between Hepcinat LP and Harvoni is their cost. Therapy with Hepcinat LP will cost the patient tens of times cheaper than using the American original.

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Produces this generic Natco Pharma Ltd. Is a pharmaceutical company from India. They release it on the basis of an official license and technology owned by US pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences. Thanks to numerous clinical trials, the effectiveness of Hepcinat LP from Natco in the treatment of hepatitis C was confirmed, amounting to approximately 97%. Specific treatment efficacy numbers differ for different genotypes of the virus.

Characteristics of the drug

The package contains a bottle with 28 tablets. And in each pill of the Hepcinate LP, which has an oval shape, there are two active substances: ledipasvir and sofosbuvir.

When compared with other drugs, then drugs from Natko have a number of advantages that distinguish it from other drugs. Such advantages include the following:

  • one tablet with two active substances is easier to take than two tablets with different substances;
  • the drug cures hepatitis C virus of genotypes 1 ÷ 4;
  • for the treatment of uncomplicated hepatitis C (without cirrhosis and previous negative treatment experience), ribavirin is not required, which reduces the likelihood of severe side effects;
  • Hepcinat LP tablets are ten times cheaper than Harvoni;
  • the usual daily routine of the patient does not change during treatment with the drug Hepcinate LP.

Sofosbuvir and ledipasvir, once in the bloodstream, directly affect the virus. Sofosbuvir inhibits virus reproduction by inhibiting NS5B polymerase. Ledipasvir, blocking the NS5A protein molecule, interferes with the spread of the virus throughout the patient. These combined actions gradually reduce the viral load, helping the patient recover.

September 30, 2019
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