We made it to my house and she parked in front.

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We made it to my house and she parked in front.

Right away, Himawari had dropped to her knees, luckily the loose sand was providing a bit of a cushion to soften things. Her fingers nimbly undid his pants and slid them down, revealing his overstuffed boxer shorts. Himawari just admired the sight for a moment, letting the anticipation build up within her. When she could bear it no more, she gripped the waistband of his underwear and yanked it down. The potential energy released all at once, launching his erection free at great force to slap Himawari in the face. The sheer weight of his monstrous cock was nearly enough to topple Himawari off balance. Luckily, she was able to keep her composure. She cooed a little at the realization that his mighty cock could carry such force behind it, the small amount of pain adding just a little more to her arousal. Matthew stared down, forcing his eagerness and excitement out of sight so that he could put on a mask of masculinity and dominance. "You know what to do..." he said with a feigned growl. He really was developing fast, Himawari was quite proud."Hmmm..." She said coyly, "I guess I COULD suck your cock..." she continued as she removed her jacket and lifted up her shirt. Today, Himawari had gone braless, thus there was nothing stopping her awe-inspiring mammaries from bouncing free into the cool night air, her nipples already hard as steel bigasspics.me. "But I think we could try something a little...different." Said Himawari as she cupped her tits."What were you-"Matthew started to say, before his thoughts were immediately interrupted by Himawari lurching forward and engulfing his big hard cock between her pillowy soft tits. Clutching them together, Himawari bounced them up and down slowly. Matthew groaned aloud and leaned his head back. It seemed Himawari would never run out of new things to teach him. She glanced downward at the beast nestled comfortably within her cleavage, even as busty as she was, she could only just barely engulf him entirely bootypics.me. Hopefully that would change soon, but there was still something to be said about a cock almost too big for her. Precum was spurting wildly, splattering her chest and face in impromptu lubrication. Every time the head reached her lips, Himawari would give it a quick kiss or lick. Partially to add to his pleasure but mostly to indulge herself. Eventually it became too much for her to bear, and Himawari took the head in entirely into her mouth. Immediately the taste of hot dick and virile pre flooded her tongue, sending her nether regions into a total frenzy. Juices flowed liberally from her pussy, thoroughly soaking her panties and jeans in sweet nectar. Her thighs ground together, helping to generate some stimulation for her ravenously hungry quim. Up and down she bobbed her head, matching the movement of her breasts alongside it in a lewd rhythm. "Oh god Himawari..." moaned Matthew as he relished in the sensations. "What do you call this?" There was that curiosity and naivete of his again."Mphwmph!" She mumbled before briefly popping off his cock. "Titfucking!" she managed to say before drawing his cock back inside. While Himawari couldn't get too much inside her mouth what with her tits in the way, she still managed to lavish as much attention as she possibly could onto what did fit. Her tongue slathered every square inch with a thick coating of her saliva, every drop of precum went down her throat after a brief moment of savoring. A mere appetizer for the main course still nestled within his balls. Though her eyes were closed, Himawari could feel Matthew taking initiative and thrusting his hips. It didn't get him any further inside, but it certainly ramped up his pleasure bigbootypics.me. Almost automatically, Himawari's fingers pinched and tweaked her nipples aggressively. Read more

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June 29, 2020
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