Farm Tractors Specifications

Farm none of his older brothers or sisters really wanted to fire him so he tractor was the only sibling you are the only one out specs of eight crowned wanted to farm that seems weird in the early nineteen-hundreds that only one sibling stuck around and farmed it really kind of does yeah she was in a big family to add a large family and she drove her down to the Southwest specifications a few miles drive, straight west about 2 miles is where my grandmother grew up on a farm they built the house review moved to this quarter of land right by half mile to the Northwest and build a new house 1906 and 1900 DeVille my grandfather was born in Nineteen Hundred that was the new house that they built in 1906 that I grew up in until I was fourteen the house it was a brick house with a stone foundation the foundation was going to falling down we information looked at remodeling it we had a couple people look at it and they basically told us it wasn't worth remodeling Psalm 119:98 we built a new house wren Farm sold from about that time early technical data 1900s Grandpa your grandpa my great grandpa John R comes in starts farming and then he had how many kids did he have John combine Ireland my grandfather and grandmother had just the two kids so one of those kids being vertice know here in a little shirt on some of the details but he started fighting with my grandfather and then

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Farm Tractors Specifications

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