Microwave Ovens

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Microwave Ovens

How does a microwave work?

Before trying to understand what are the characteristics to look for in a good microwave oven, let's clarify what distinguishes a microwave oven from traditional electric ovens.

The electric oven bases its operating principle on common heating elements which, once turned on, heat the air to temperatures so high as to cook the dishes. What happens is the chemical reaction known as the Maillard reaction , a particular reaction that affects sugars and proteins that gives the typical dark color to the surface of the oven-cooked dish.

The common electric ovens operate substantially in two ways: static and ventilated.
In the first case, the resistances of which we have already spoken are activated, in the second, a fan allows hot air to circulate uniformly in the cooking chamber.

The microwave oven instead has a totally different operating principle. In this case the microwaves go to solicit the water molecules present in the food, which vibrating and rubbing together, overheat reaching temperatures so high as to allow cooking of the food itself.

In fact, with a microwave oven you get the same degree of cooking in half the time compared to a normal electric oven.

Microwave or combined oven?

Given the ductility of microwaves, why not take advantage of their efficiency that allows you to cook and heat without wasting energy, combining them with functions such as the grill and fan cooking?

Hence the idea of ​​the combined microwave. But what is the difference between a normal microwave oven and a combined microwave oven ? It is easy to say: if with a normal microwave it is possible to use only microwaves, in the combined microwave oven it is also possible to use the grill function or the ventilated cooking so you can prepare roasts, lasagna and any other delicacy in half times and with a significant energy savings.

The Panasonic microwave range offers innovative features that include up to 17 automatic programs, fan oven, inverter function, steam cooking, humidity sensor, quartz grill for five-star cooking. Panasonic also offers microwaves combined with static cooking: having a double resistance at the top and bottom, these models replace the electric ovens in all respects, with the added benefit of being able to be used precisely as a microwave. 

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