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Online affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing company between website owners and online merchants. Website owners will place advertisements on their websites to help sell merchants 'products or attract potential customers to merchants' websites in exchange for a portion of their profits. Review Fantasy is a classic example of an affiliate product review website.

Affiliate Marketing Program
Affiliate marketing programs are sometimes called affiliate marketing programs, but they can also be called pay-per-action or related programs. An affiliate marketing plan is a marketing tool for the e-commerce that runs it, called a merchant or advertiser, and the source of income involved in the e-commerce is called an affiliate marketing, affiliate or publisher.

There are three ways to make money through affiliate marketing:
1) Pay-per-click or pay-per-click affiliate programs: Every time a potential customer leaves an affiliate website by "clicking" on a merchant website link, it is credited to a member account. This amount can be cents or dollars, depending on the product and commission.
2) Affiliate program, pay for each potential customer or each potential customer's fee: the merchant clicks on and performs an action on the merchant's site (such as completing an online survey, registering on a website, or opting to receive email.
3) Affiliate programs with paid sales or unit price sales: Each time an advertisement is posted on a member website for sales, a certain percentage or commission will be deposited into the member account.

Amazon history
One of the most successful examples of affiliate programs known as affiliate programs at the world's largest bookstore. Amazon now has more than one million members! Every day, more than one million websites actively promote their products. Amazon generates more than 40% of its revenue through its affiliate program. This represents more than $ 3 billion in annual revenue! As another example (compared with some modesty), Zeald used its own unique affiliate program to generate more than 50% of its revenue. Indeed, this is not billions of dollars, but it must be millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Why affiliate marketing can benefit from e-commerce?
If you are considering an affiliate marketing company, there are good reasons why you should use this method to generate recurring revenue. These are affiliate marketing that can be a profitable way to make money, stabilize income and increase exposure over time.

  • -For new entrepreneurs, the first advantage of affiliate marketing is the very low initial cost. Most companies that offer affiliate marketing programs do not require affiliates to make any type of currency investment.
  • -The second fee is limited to what you need to pay to connect to the Internet. You may need software loaded on your computer and websites that can place ads related to affiliate marketing programs. It's now easy to create your own affiliate advertising website with web hosting as a cost-effective service.
  • -Another reason affiliate marketing is so profitable is that there are many ways to configure the program. You can choose the "pay-per-click" option, which works well when promoting special offers. Ads that point to product review sites are often a way to allow product users to access your portal and leave reviews on the products they purchase.

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