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Many people practice different kinds of hobbies, with photography being among the most popular ones. There are numerous kinds of photography, hence different types of photographers out there. For photographers, it is of great importance to understand the various kinds of photography is and genres in existence today. On one hand, you may be satisfied knowing that you hardly miss out on any good pictures from photographers who capture different subjects from you. But, of even greater importance is when you admire different kinds of photographic styles and types, that may inspire you to give other genres of photography a try. Below, we take a look at some of the most common and fascinating types of photography in existence today.

Environmental or scenic photography is often commonly referred to as landscape photography. It entails capturing natural scenes, usually large and grand with the occasional small, more intimate scenes in ways that bring viewers into the scene. Landscape photography is by far among the most popular kinds at the moment, spinning off different sub genres e.g. seascapes and storm photography. In its broader definition, it may also be stretched to include man-made scenes and urban landscape photography. While it is very accessible, make no mistake of assuming it is easy to master.

Through wildlife photography, you can brush shoulders with among the most intense photographers you will ever encounter. Most wildlife photographers dedicate hours on end searching for creatures most people would rather avoid or waiting for animals to move to perfect spots for that perfect shot. However, it is something completely doable since people can practice in their own backyards or on short drives from wherever they live, since animals can be found virtually anywhere. It is not uncommon to see photo series of urban wildlife that match up to amazing images captured in very remote locations. read more

Macro is among the most accessible kinds of photography, which entails capturing small objects and creatures that are often overlooked. Flowers and insects are often synonymous with macro photography however, less conventional subjects such as water droplets or snowflakes in a studio can make for stellar macro photos. Close-up photography is somewhat related to macro, which even though does not feature work as magnified as macro, is still able to isolate small slices of the world that would otherwise not stand out. While dedicated macro lenses can cause significant dents to your pocket, a more affordable option is sets of extension tubes that will likely work well with the equipment you have at the moment.

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