Okay next, oh, this is a good one. It's a good -- It's an oldie. It's a goodie...
I've listened to the song for like my entire life
Here it is. Kinda makes me cry a little bit not gonna lie,
People definitely can see me lip singing and i'm very emb --
"lip-syncing"? And I'm embarrassed.
Ahh!! this is my favorite f*cking song right now. I am in love with this song, oh my god!
oh my god!
Oh my god! It's so good!
So f*cking good
Literally I could listen to this song for my entire life, it's so good.
Please, listen to it like ten times.
And I can guarantee, you'll be in love with it.
You just have to listen to it a few times, then you'll love it.
This -- I've loved this song for like my entire life, and it never gets old.
I've literally liked this song for like a year and a half.
It's about to get so f*cking good up in here. Prepare yourself.
I was too into my music and I accidentally got into a turn lane
And now I have to turn left,
and I don't need to turn left. So, that's really bad, but okay, here we are, okay.
This is great. I love this.
I f*cking love this song. What an oldie, you know? What a goodie.
Ok sorry, I'm gonna stop.
Oh my god, too loud!
Oh, this song's hecka good, too.
Comin outta my cage and I've been doin just fine
And she's callin a cab ahhh
I cry to this one...a lot. It's not a bop, but it's like a nice little chill, crying jam.
You know what I'm saying? I also love Mac Demarco. He's like my idol.
I love the strokes.
Oh my god, that lady is judging me so hard right now.
oh my god, another lady is judging me. What the f*ck do you want?
Oh my god. I love this song too -- wow it is really, truly good. It's a little bit weird, but give it a chance.
It's like, at first you listen to it and you're like,
"the f*ck is this?"
then you listen to it like 10 times and you're like (wow)
Um, I just witnessed that guy full-on picking his nose. No holding back,
Just picking his nose as hard as he possibly can.
It's fine
Everyone does it, but for some reason, when I see people picking their nose in their car,
it really catches me off guard.
No, I'm just kidding *wheezes*
I am jamming out a little bit too hard. Like, it's just a little bit worrisome
Now I'm in a parking garage and I think people are gonna judge me, I'm scared.
but i don't care.
this guy is staring at me, please leave me alone. I'm trying to film a f*cking weird video.
used to par-tay
gonna guess it's only
This song is like me and my squad's song. You know, we always listen to this together.
AHH! NO! Somebody saw me SO bad. That's so embarrassing! Oh my god
I'm like hiding. I'm literally hiding. Oh my god.
They saw me so bad. They saw me SO bad.
Oh, my god, literally. They saw the entire thing that was like the most embar-
Oh my god, no. They're coming back around.
They're coming back around! Oh god no, no, no.
I'm normally not embarrassed, but that was really bad.
I left my Spotify down below, if you want to check it out to see everything I'm listening to.
My current playlist that I'm adding to is called like "fall", or something.
Because, you know, it's fall. So cute and creative, right?
That's it. Those are the songs I'm digging right now.
If you guys like kind of picked up on what my music taste is and you have any songs
that you think I would like, leave them down below,
and check out my Spotify and do all of the above.
But, now I have to go into the Apple store
And I'm not too pumped about it because,
if they tell me I have to like, leave my laptop for a long periodically time,
I'm gonna have to tell them guys
It's not gonna happen because guess what?
I need my computer to edit so, they cannot take it from me.
That's not allowed.
I'm just hoping for the best so, please pray for me.
Even though by the time you see this it would have already happened,
so like, you can't pray for me.'s too late.
It's like a frickin' ghost town out here
There's literally no one at the mall.

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That's not fun, I would not recommend putting on chapstick after you've ran out, that's just not a good decision.
What is up guys, welcome to today's vlog.
Today, I'm gonna be vlogging my errands. yay.
Because vlogging errands is kind of boring and I don't want you guys to get bored,
I'm gonna be showing you guys some of my favorite songs right now,
the songs that really spice up my playlist, you know? So it's kind of gonna be like a playlist video
But it's also just gonna be, basically, a vlog - what is that person doing? That is not
how you parallel park. For my errands that I have to run today, the first one
I have to do is go to the Apple Store. So I'm having issues with my keyboard on my laptop,
so I have to bring my laptop into the Apple Store.
Basically my keys on my computer kinda jammed, so like when I try
to type and they don't like just go. They're jammed.
Does that make sense? I have to go in and ask if they can fix that.
Because that's really fucking annoying and I'm not a fan of it.
After that, I actually don't really have any other errands to run so that's probably just gonna be it for me.
But we can just do other stuff together that aren't errands, just unnecessary activities.
My aux cord in my car, it's kind of fucked up, and it like only works in half of the car.
I have to like hold it weird, so that it'll like play the music in both sides of the car.
And then it like, goes in and out and it's so annoying.
So let's just jump into my songs that I like.

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December 25, 2019
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