Dataset Open Access

Atomic Force Microscopy Images of Cell Specimens

Christian Rankl

This data set consists of seven atomic force microscopy images in MI format as well as corresponding previews in PNG format.

The microscopy images are of cell material and have been scanned with AFM equipment from Keysight Technologies. Details on the individual images:

  • image_0.mi - Chinese hamster ovary cells
  • image_1.mi - Chinese hamster ovary cells
  • image_2.mi - human bladder carcinoma cells
  • image_3.mi - human bladder carcinoma cells
  • image_4.mi - Chinese hamster ovary cells
  • image_5.mi - Chinese hamster ovary cells
  • image_6.mi - Chinese hamster ovary cells

The images can be opened using, e.g. Gwyddion:
The Python package Magni can be used to load the images into Python (using the module):

The images are provided as-is without warranty of any kind.

Files (37.8 MB)
Name Size
image_0.mi md5:cbdad52d68b2c3d294fa79f1c1f5b289 1.6 MB Download
image_0.png md5:69fad5d69d74e44a57adb7f6a1354f8b 31.9 kB Download
image_1.mi md5:0bad0a8617677de8316a69c3d4250859 8.6 MB Download
image_1.png md5:35146fae102e1480ad4fa6c99681e0b6 25.7 kB Download
image_2.mi md5:04bb426527fe09fb089559b98e5ea69d 6.3 MB Download
image_2.png md5:ede09be36d79e00862950698a5fe169b 21.7 kB Download
image_3.mi md5:3b335afa6fc331d3b6dcc1a3827e72f7 4.2 MB Download
image_3.png md5:cd4087927f303b1aabade1c6f54a05c6 18.7 kB Download
image_4.mi md5:58dd5ec753463a0b8027553b6aa5a1d1 4.2 MB Download
image_4.png md5:ba0e2cd7975a0451dd8b193699c90988 20.1 kB Download
image_5.mi md5:95fd0548021cc51518082a2eeb962b49 4.2 MB Download
image_5.png md5:553e222f596eaf626b6283da72761e74 21.4 kB Download
image_6.mi md5:038574a2050ab73e8fc88ecf770bfe1a 8.6 MB Download
image_6.png md5:de01d0297df05f8cfe54f7d35bbea138 26.5 kB Download


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