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Angel Laris

The most popular poker online game to date is Texas Holdem or better known as Hold'em. This card game is that each player will get two cards called Deal. The players will place their bets on the table called Pot. You can download this card game.

The dealer will distribute 5 poker cards in each game called community cards. The distribution of cards will not be divided at the same time where the first three cards are called Flop, the fourth card is called Turn, and the distribution of the final or fifth card is called River.

This game will bring up reactions from the players where players can raise to increase the excitement of the game and for players who are hesitant to take part in the game can fold. Other players who follow the raise make a call. Of course this must be supported by the strength of your card, luck and the ability to read the game. Because if you don't, then it's just a futile defeat that you will feel at the table.

Well, for those of you who are still beginners in this card game, We want to share some tips for you. of course these tips have been summarized and are suitable for beginners. Maybe this will be something useful if you can digest and absorb it which of course can change a person who often loses to be a winner.


1. Don't play poker in each round period

A common mistake that occurs most often with beginners is less selective in playing their initial cards. Don't even think that even a bad card can win you every round. The initial card can determine your chance to win the plate. Of course the initial card is a good start as the foundation for becoming a winner. If you have a bad card in your opinion, it is better to fold than you fall deeper due to a small defeat to get the chip back.

2. Don't bluff too often about your card

Another mistake that beginners suffer is usually the frequency of bullying other players. Maybe you've seen reliable players snapping in their own way to bully their opponents. Indeed it is necessary, but remember as a beginner, you do not need to do that frequency, especially if it is not supported by a good card on your side. This bluffing technique really needs to be learned, but it would be better if this was balanced by the knowledge learned along with the playing experience.

3. Analyze the cards of other players

Stay alert and continue to analyze your opponent's cards without just focusing on your own card. Of course a strong card combination is very exciting in a Texas Holdem Poker game, but if you have a feeling your opponent has a card that is stronger than you, you should give up. It's better to lose a little or miss your chance to win than you have to bite your fingers to see your disappointing defeat. For example, you have a 3 of kind card, but the card that is dealt with by the dealer can enable a flush with the opponent to enter all the chips, of course this makes you have to be careful because your card combination is not the strongest level.

4. Play with other novice players or who are weaker than you

This principle may sound easy. If you feel more proficient than other players, of course this will give you credit for winning your game. Suppose you are a player no. The 10 greatest in the world, Will it be profitable if you fight nine other players that you feel are better than you?

5. Position your table

Your desk position also becomes an important factor in your victory. Of course the best position is the last position to determine the last action in the round. This gives you the opportunity to analyze the cards of your opponents before making a decision.

6. Choose a table that suits your abilities and finances

The biggest reason why someone doesn't move after getting a lot of wins at a small table is the good bet. Certainly the skills of players playing on the table are also different. Do you want to be a sheep in the crowd of wolves? The desire to earn more certainly occurred in every player. But don't be too confident if you are a beginner, because you will also be supported quickly inside a bigger table.

7. Keep yourself from chasing a 5 card combination

Sometimes beginners often hold combinations of 4 cards that are just waiting for the last card to appear to complete the combination for 5 cards. This is usually for those who wish to get straight and flush. If you have got a raise at the beginning of the game, of course you are in the possibility of a very small victory. But if the bet from the chip is not worth much, you can stay and expect a combination of your 5 cards.

8. Always listen to the game that is running

Check out how your opponents play and how they take action in each round. Even if you fold in that round, you must listen to each of their ways from start to finish. This technique will give you information about how your opponents play. The information obtained can give you the chance to beat your opponents.

9. Don't consider the same initial interest card to be the momentum of victory

This error often occurs when beginners overly appreciate their initial card due to having the same flower card. Getting the same flower card can not be used as a guideline for your victory, especially if you stick with low interest rates. The chances of your defeat will be greater than you predicted. Of course, your opponent has a greater chance to defeat you with the same and higher interest on your card. Remember the number of players playing with you, and of course the winning percentage is divided equally by the number of players playing.

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