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The main export commodities embrace gas and petroleum, further as foodstuffs and product which can be re-exported. Dubai additionally exports metals, like Al or copper, wherever the most export partners ar Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, and Iran.
Mineral Fuels, Mineral Oils, Mineral Waxes and Dubai import export business  countries such as   Pakistan , India has been a daily bourgeois of such product to several countries together with UAE. UAE foreign 4565997 thousand dollars’ value of such product from India in FY 2019.

Articles of attire and vesture that ar stitched:
India being a frontrunner in production of attire and vesture exports it to several countries round the world together with UAE. India’s export to UAE in FY 2019 stood at 1960509 thousand U.S. bucks.

Ships, Boats and Floating Structures:
India has been a valued partner in exportation of ship, boats and different such floating product to UAE. In FY 2019, India exported 1391042 thousand dollars’ value of product to UAE.

Iron and Steel:
India has been a valued partner of UAE once it involves exportation of steel and iron product. India exports ores and product of iron and steel. In FY 2019, India exported iron and steel product value of 772598 thousand bucks to UAE.

Machinery, Boilers, Nuclear Reactors and components thereof:

 main product to export in  dubai
Electric Machineries and instrumentation, Sound Recorder, tv image and components thereof:
Products and components of electrical machines and different such instrumentation are on rise since years once it involves export. India and UAE are doing well during Import export license UAE this field further. India exported product value of 612785 thousand bucks to UAE in FY 2019.

Cereals embrace varied things like bread, flakes, oats, etc. also are exported to UAE from India. In FY 2019, India attained 523902 thousand bucks from UAE by mercantilism cereals. In FY 2016, the revenue through cereals was 655548 thousand U.S. bucks.

Articles of Iron or Steel:
India is one in every of the most important producers and manufacturer of steel and iron. therefore India exports an enormous chunk of iron and steel articles to UAE. In FY 2019, India exported 447807 thousand bucks of articles of steel and iron to UAE.

Copper and Articles thereof:
India is additionally a number one producer and bourgeois or copper and articles of copper. India in FY 2019 exported product value folks bucks 416871 thousand whereas in FY 2016, the earning through export was 309727 thousand U.S. bucks.

Edible Fruits and whacky, Peels of Citrus Fruits:

India additionally exports fruits and whacky to UAE. Fruits ar each recent and prepackaged whereas whacky ar well prepackaged. India attained U.S. bucks 365448 thousand by mercantilism such product in FY 2019 to UAE.

Organic Chemical:
India has several chemical factories and analysis institutes that manufacture premium organic chemicals. several ar utilised at intervals India whereas a decent quantity is exported. India had AN earnings folks bucks 340272 thousand in FY 2019 from organic chemical export to UAE.

Plastics and Articles thereof:
India has been doing well in plastic production. There additionally the same marketplace for articles of plastic. India has been mercantilism each to several countries together with UAE. India attained U.S. bucks 313746 thousand by mercantilism plastics and articles of plastic to UAE in FY 2019.

Vehicles except for Railways and Trams and components thereof:

Inorganic chemicals, organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals, rare-earth element metals, of hot metals and isotopes:

Meat and Edible Meat Offal:
India has been manufacturing a really great amount of meat and meat product. It additionally exports a really great amount of such product to the planet. India exported meat value of 166619 thousand U.S. bucks to UAE in FY 2019.

Coffee, Tea, Mate and Spices:
India in south has been famous for its cocoa production whereas in North-East is understood for its tea production. India has been one in every of the most important bourgeois of such things to the planet. In  this following   main  Import Export Excess in Dubai
Thus, if you're can to travel for export business to UAE there's an enormous market out there with series of product. There ar more product except for these twenty that are exported from India. They are quite promising as their demand is rising and that they provide nice returns. you'll be able to attempt such product that ar in demand in UAE and boost your export business.

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