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Measurement and Analysis of Strains Developed on Tie-rods of a Steering System

Asenov, Stefan

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    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.54766", 
    "description": "<p>Modern day manufacturers research and develop vehicles that are equipped<br />\nwith steering assist to help drivers undertake manoeuvres. However the lack of<br />\nresearch for a situation where one tie-rod experiences different strains than the<br />\nopposite one leads to failure in the tie-rod assembly and misalignment in the wheels&nbsp;over time. The performance of the steering system would be improved if this&nbsp;information existed. This bachelor&rsquo;s dissertation looks into this specific situation and&nbsp;conducts an examination on the tie-rods.<br />\nA simple kinematic model is used to determine how the steering system moves<br />\nwhen there is a steering input. An investigation has been conducted to determine how&nbsp;the system&rsquo;s geometry affects the strains.<br />\nThe experiment vehicle is a Formula Student car which is designed by the<br />\nstudents of Coventry University. The tests performed show the difference in situations&nbsp;where the two front tyres are on a single surface, two different surfaces &ndash; one with high&nbsp;friction, the other with low friction and a situation where there&rsquo;s an obstacle in the way&nbsp;of one of the tyres.<br />\nThe experiment results show a major difference in strain in the front tie-rods in<br />\nthe different situations. Interesting conclusions can be made due to the results for the&nbsp;different surface situation where one of the tyres receives similar results in bothcompression and tension, but the other one receives results with great difference.<br />\nThis results given in the report can be a starting ground and help with the<br />\nimprovement in steering systems if more research is conducted.</p>", 
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      "id": "CC-BY-4.0"
    "title": "Measurement and Analysis of Strains Developed on Tie-rods of a Steering System", 
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        "id": "zenodo"
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    "thesis": {
      "university": "Coventry University", 
      "supervisors": [
          "affiliation": "Coventry University", 
          "name": "Kanarachos Stratis"
    "keywords": [
      "strain steering system"
    "publication_date": "2016-06-03", 
    "creators": [
        "affiliation": "Coventry University", 
        "name": "Asenov, Stefan"
    "access_right": "open", 
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      "subtype": "thesis", 
      "type": "publication", 
      "title": "Thesis"
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