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Is a Private Instagram Viewer Really Works?

Account Viewer

As humans, we all are inquisitive and curious. In the past finding out information has always been as, but with technology coming into play, things have become slightly difficult.

Both for you and for the people who want to look into your profile. There are many social media applications that people use these days to connect and make friends. One of the most popular ones is Instagram. It is a well-known hub for many youngsters these days, who post about their daily occurrences.

But there are a few people who like to keep those things private. Making sure that only the people that they know can view their photos. Many people want to know what is going in that person’s life. Because of this, many people run scams. Allowing you to view Private Instagram Profiles in exchange for money.

A Simple Trick to Spy on Your Instagram Profile

There are many ways through which you can find out information or pictures of the private profiles of the ones that you want to follow. All this without using any dubious methods or paying cash to anyone.

The three popular methods are to Type their Username in Google Images: Though there is no real guarantee that this will work, there is always a slight possibility that a person has linked their profile to other platforms and shared those pictures publicly. Giving you the slight possibility of viewing their photos.

Who Viewed my Instagram

This is one of the best and well-known applications that is used by many people around the world. Especially by those who want to become popular on Instagram. With this program, you get a detailed insight regarding the followers and the viewers of your account.

Such as, you will know who viewed your profile picture, how many followers of yours are fake or ghost followers, you can get information on the people who you think are stalking your account, find out the people who leave the most likes and comments on your posts, etc.

These are the few advantages that you have if you were to download this application. It is very easy to use, all you need to do is install the application from the play store. 

A few sites that may be used for viewing private Instagram accounts are -

The two best sites for viewing the private account of Instagram without knowing them are -

InstaLooker -

Instalooker has three key features, which make it unique from the remainder. First, you don’t need to download it as an app because the provision isn’t there. This saves your time in getting the results on the given site. Secondly, you can Spy Instagram Profile very fast as it features a friendly view for you. Once you have the specific site on your server, then you can go ahead and search for your target.

IG Lookup -

IGLookup is especially Instagram's private account viewer applies a switching technique. It provides you to view private Instagram photos. Instagram is one of the popular social media where people share photos, videos, and chitchat with family, friends, and colleagues but put the privacy to access it.

What’s the difference between Private and Public Instagram accounts?

Public Instagram Accounts

As mentioned above, any newly created account on Instagram would be visible to the public. This means the content shared on that account would be accessible to whoever comes across the profile or specifically searches the username of that account. People can not only view but also interact with the owner of that account.

This is done either by leaving comments on the content shared, or by using the Direct Message option available which will take you to the inbox of the target profile. Some public accounts in need of getting more exposure often find ways to buy IG followers to increase their overall traction on the platform. Public profiles can also be accessed through third-party searches. Whenever someone searches the name associated with the public profile on Google or any other search engine, the profile link of that Instagram account would appear in the search results.

Clicking on that link will redirect you to the Instagram app and you will be able to view it. Images and videos shared on a public Instagram profile will also show up in Google image search results and on various other linked applications.

Private Instagram Accounts

People who wish to share visual content but only with a certain number of people, resort to private profiles. You can do this by manually putting your profile visibility to private through the settings menu in the Instagram app. Doing this will prevent any unwanted interaction with your profile and people will not be able to contact you as easily as they could with a public account.

The entire control of who can see the content shared on the profile, and who can reach out to you on messages, is in the hands of the owner of the account. Only the people who the owner wishes to keep in his/her account will have access to it. People would have to send a follow request to the account to see their content. Once the owner accepts the request, the follower would be able to check out the entire profile.


In 2021, almost every social media profile has the feature to share users’ personal photos, videos, texts, etc. Some people prefer to keep their activities public, and therefore the rest plan to stay private. The same feature works for Instagram users also. It is natural to be interested in someone’s private account. Parents often got to check their children’s accounts for security purposes. Some people love to spy on a person they like.


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