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What is a Web Host Server and How to Connect with it?

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Web hosting is a service that allows users to host or post their website or web pages over the internet. If you want to connect your web host server to your server then you have to allow SSH connections.

For connecting your web server you need proper SSH connections which can depend on the operating system you are using in your computer.

Web host service is nothing but the type of internet hosting service that enables users or organizations to make their websites worldwide and easily accessible. You can Download Putty for connecting to the web host server. If you are new to hosting services then this is the right place for you.

What is a Web Host Server?

A web host server is a variety of Internet host servers. It allows you to publish your website that can be available to everyone. There are many web host servers possible at some cost.

Some of them can host it for free of cost depending on their Domain Names and  Hosting Plans. There are three different types of web servers -

File Server - A file server is a storage device or computer produced to store files. The user accepts the server on the network to store files.

Database Server - A database server connects to the server or a device applied to processing database queries.

Print Server - A print server is a design that lets you share the printer with multiple computers on a network.

How to Connect your Web Host Server with Windows?

For connecting web host server with windows, there are two methods are as follows -

A. Use username/password combination

Do you use a username/password combination, then connect with these steps. If you want to connect your web server with windows using SSH connections then there is a simple way by Installing Puttykey Generator. Here are the steps to connect your web server with windows -

  • Download the puttykey.exe file and double-click on that.
  • Enter the hostname of your server or type the IP Address of your system.
  • Click Open.
  • Type the username and password and hit the enter button.

If you have configured your server correctly and entered the correct username and password, you should be logged in and have a command prompt with your username, your server name, and a # sign.

B. Username/key combination

If you are using a username/key combination then you must save the key in Putty. This is quite complex, but you go with the following steps then it is easy enough.

  • Create a public/private key on your server and download the private part as a PPK key.
  • Double-click on the Putty.exe file.
  • Type the hostname of your server (type your primary domain name) or IP address into the first box. In the Saved Sessions box, type a name for this connection and then click Save.
  • In the category menu at the left of PuTTY, click SSH and then Auth.
  • Click Browse and then browse to and select the PPK file you downloaded from your server.
  • Click Connection in the Category list and then click Data.
  • Type your username in the Auto-login username box.
  • Click Session and save the session again.
  • Click Open and PuTTY opens a connection to the server and attempts to log in using the username and key you provided.

Last Words

Well, this article is all about Web Host Server and How to Connect to it by using Putty.  Thank you for reading this article and gives us valuable feedback.

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